NGC 7814

NGC 7814 – The Little Sombrero

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NGC 7814

NGC 7814 (also known as UGC 8 or Caldwell 43) is a spiral galaxy about 40 million light-years away in the constellation Pegasus. The galaxy is seen edge-on from Earth. It is sometimes referred to as “the little sombrero”, a miniature version of Messier 104. The star field behind NGC 7814 is known for its density of faint, remote galaxies as can be seen in the image here, in the same vein as the Hubble Deep Field.

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It’s among the few bright galaxies that exhibit modest distortion and twisting of the galaxy’s plane in optical wavelengths. The light from the distant background galaxies becomes more red as it passes through NGC 7814’s halo. This has been used to determine the amount of gas and dust in the halo.

Observation Log Information
Log Index:1127
Equipment:110mmDoublet EP APO – PF Canon 60D

Keywords: NGC 7814, Little Sombrero, Pegasus, Galaxy

January 11, 2024
Roger Nelson

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