Website Developments

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I have continued to work with Website developments to expand the information I have posted online with them, first with this site and also with the site for the Mount Kobau Star Party. Now both of these sites have a …

RASC Expulsion

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Statement by Roger Nelson  regarding his Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Expulsion: Prior to being illegally expelled both myself and Grace had over many decades served the RASC well and with distinction. The details of the who, why, where, …

Table – Galaxies in our Local Group

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The following table is of Galaxies in our Local Group.   Added to each row will be notes that I have made when I have observed/photographed these.   (or not where I have personal challenges in doing so.) I have started methodically …

Updates to the Mount Kobau Star Party website

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Updating the Website for the Mount Kobau Star Party. Reorganized the content, added information about plans for 2022 and, new features to share information about the event, including a space for images submitted/shared by attendees and stories from the past …

First Full Moon of 2022

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The full moon is thought to be a time of completion. For me it is end of my Covid-19 infection. It started shortly after the New Moon, I was too sick and it was too cold to go outside. by …

Summer Star Gazing at the Lake

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This past summer Grace and I spent a week at the Lake. During the day we played in the Lake with our Kayaks, when the forest fire smoke was not bad we lounged outside under the stars,  I have shared …

Comet Neowise 2020 F3

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This comet showed up and briefly appeared in our skies over the Northern Hemisphere in July  2020.  I was fortunate to capture a few images of it.  so I thought I would share them here.

Web site Re-Themed

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Website has a new theme, this is to allow flexibility to add more content.   The name of the Theme is CANUCK.  It has been moved to the main link, but the old test site remains active. I am just waiting …