NGC 7129

NGC 7129

NGC 7129 is a reflection nebula located 3,300 light years away in the constellation Cepheus. A young open cluster is responsible for illuminating the surrounding nebula. A recent survey indicates the cluster contains more than 130 stars less than 1 million years old. NGC 7129 is located just half a degree from nearby cluster NGC 7142.

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The nebula is rosebud-shaped; the young stars have blown a large, oddly shaped bubble in the molecular cloud that once surrounded them at their birth. The rosy pink color comes from glowing dust grains on the surface of the bubble being heated by the intense light from the young stars within.

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It’s very likely that at any time in most telescopes you will see both the Open Custer NGC 7142 and this Nebula NGC 7142. In the above sketch, both are shown.

Observation Log Information
Log Index:515

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February 14, 2024
Roger Nelson

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