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Messier 93 or M93, also known as NGC 2447, is an open cluster in the modestly southern constellation Puppis, the imagined poop deck of the legendary Argo.

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It was discovered by Charles Messier then added to his catalogue of comet-like objects in 1781. Caroline Herschel, the younger sister of William Herschel, independently discovered it in 1783, thinking it had not yet been catalogued by Messier.

Walter Scott Houston (died 1993) described its appearance:

Some observers mention the cluster as having the shape of a starfish. With a fair-sized telescope, this is its appearance on a dull night, but [a four-inch refractor] shows it as a typical star-studded galactic cluster.

Personal reflections and information

Observation Log Information
Log Index:707
Equipment:110mmDoublet EP APO – Meade CCD PF

Keywords: M93, Messiers, open cluster, Puppis

January 21, 2024
Roger Nelson

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