Table – Galaxies in our Local Group

The following table is of Galaxies in our Local Group.   Added to each row will be notes that I have made when I have observed/photographed these.   (or not where I have personal challenges in doing so.)

I have started methodically going though this list and viewing these objects, I have a plan to capture the ones that I can's see from where I live by accessing remote telescopes.

Triangulum Galaxy (M33, NGC 598)SpiralSA(s)cd598Triangulum1h 33.9'+30° 39'70.8'X41.7'5.8Third largest, only unbarred spiral galaxy and possible satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy.0
Andromeda Galaxy (M31, NGC 224)SpiralSA(s)b224Andromeda0h 42.7'+41° 16'With ~220 kly in diameter, it is the largest and most massive galaxy in the group0
M32 (NGC 221)EllipticalE2221Andromeda0h 41.0'+03° 26'satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy0
M110 (NGC 205)Dwarf ellipticaldE6p205Andromeda0h 40.4'+41° 41'satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy0
Milky WaySpiralSBbcM25Sagittarius (centre)Where we reside.0
Pegasus Dwarf (Pegasus Dwarf Irregular, DDO 216)Dwarf ellipticalIrrPegDwarfPegasus23h 28m 36.2s+14° 44? 35?5?.0 × 2?.713.22
Pisces IIDwarf SheroidaldSphPiscesIIPisces22h 58m 31s+05° 57? 09?2.216.3satellite of the Milky Way2
NGC 6822 (Barnard's Galaxy)Dwarf ellipticalIB(s)m IV-V6822Sagittarius19h 44.9'-14° 48'15.5'X13.5'9.92
Draco Dwarf (DDO 208)Dwarf SheroidaldE0 pecUGC10882Draco17h 20'+57° 30'35?.5 × 24?.510.9satellite of Milky Way2
HerculesDwarf SheroidaldSphHerDwarfHercules16h 31m 02s+12° 47? 30?16.814.7satellite of the Milky Way2
Ursa Minor DwarfDwarf SheroidaldE4UMinDwarfUrsa Minor15h 09m 08.5s+67° 13? 21?30?.2 × 19?.111.9satellite of Milky Way2
Boötes IIDwarf SheroidaldSphBooIIBoötes13h 58m 00s+12° 51? 00?8.015.8satellite of the Milky Way2
Boötes IIIDwarf SheroidaldSphBooIIIBoötes13h 57m 00s+26° 48? 00?1.5x0.812.6satellite of the Milky Way2
Coma BerenicesDwarf SheroidaldSphComDwarfComa Berenices12h 26m 59s+23° 55? 09?11.814.5satellite of the Milky Way2
Leo II (Leo B)Dwarf SheroidaldE0 pecLeoIILeo11h13m28.8s+22° 09m 06s12.0 x 11.0'12.6satellite of Milky Way2
Leo IVDwarf SheroidaldSphLeoIVLeo11h 32m 57.0s-00° 32m 00s15.9satellite of the Milky Way2
Leo VDwarf SheroidaldSphLeoVLeo11h 31m 09.6s+02° 13m 12s17satellite of the Milky Way2
Sextans DwarfDwarf SheroidaldE3SexDwarfSextans10h 13m 02.9s?01° 36? 53?30?.0 × 12?.010.4satellite of Milky Way2
Sextans A (UGCA 205)IrregularIr+VSexASextans10h 11m 00.8s?04° 41? 34?5?.9 × 4?.911.92
Sextans B (UGC 5373)IrregularIr+IV-VSexBSextans10h 00m 00.1s+05° 19? 56?5?.1 × 3?.511.92
Leo I (DDO 74)Dwarf SheroidaldE3DDO074Leo10h 08.4m+12° 1810.7 x 8.39.8satellite of Milky Way2
Leo A (Leo III)IrregularIBm VDDO069Leo09h 59m 26.4s+30° 44m 47s5.1x3.112.92
Leo TDwarf SheroidaldSph/IrrLeoTLeo09h 34m 53.4s+17° 03m 05s16satellite of the Milky Way2
Ursa Major II DwarfDwarf SheroidaldSphUMaIIUrsa Major08h 51m 30.0s+63° 07? 48?32'14.3satellite of Milky Way2
Segue 2Dwarf SheroidaldSphSegue2Aries02h 19m 16s+20° 10? 31?6.8+0.415.2satellite of the Milky Way2
IC 1613 (UGC 668)IrregularIAB(s)m VIC1613Cetus01h 04.8'+02° 07'1292
Wolf–Lundmark–Melotte (WLM, DDO 221)IrregularIr+DDO221Cetus00h 01m 58.1s?15° 27? 39?11.5x4.2112
NGC 185Dwarf SheroidaldE3 pec185Cassiopeia00h 39.0'+48° 20'11.7'X10.0'9.3satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy2
NGC 147 (DDO 3)Dwarf ellipticaldE5 pec147Cassiopeia00h 33.2'+48° 30'13.2'X7.8'9.6satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy2
IC 10IrregularKBm or Ir+IC10Cassiopeia00h 20.4'+59° 18'5.1102
Pegasus Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy (Andromeda VI)Dwarf SheroidaldSphPegDwarfPegasus23h 51m 46.3s+24° 34? 57?4?.0 × 2?.014.2satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy3
Cassiopeia Dwarf (Andromeda VII)Dwarf SheroidaldSphAndVIICassiopeia23h 26m 31.0s+50° 41? 31?2?.5 × 2?.012.9satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy3
Boötes IDwarf SheroidaldSphBooIBoötes14h 00m 06s+14° 30? 00? ± 15?26?.0 ± 1?.4[13.13
Pisces Dwarf (LGS3)IrregularIrrLGS3Pisces01h 03m 55.0s+21° 53? 06?2? × 214.2satellite of the Triangulum Galaxy?3
Canes Venatici I DwarfDwarf SheroidaldSphCVnICanes Venatici13h 28m 03.5s+33° 33? 21?17.8+-0.813.94
Canes Venatici II DwarfDwarf SheroidaldSphCVnIICanes Venatici12h 57m 10s+34° 19? 15?3.215.14
Ursa Major I DwarfDwarf SheroidaldSphUMaIUrsa Major10h 34m 52.8s+51° 55? 12?satellite of Milky Way4
NGC 3109IrregularIr+IV-V3109Hydra10h 03.1'-26° 09'19.1'X3.7'9.94
Andromeda IIDwarf SheroidaldE0AndIIAndromeda01h 16m 29.8+33° 25? 09?3?.6 × 2?.5213.5satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy4
Andromeda VDwarf SheroidaldSphAndVAndromeda01h 10m 17.1s+47° 37? 41?2?.0 × 1?.515.9satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy4
Andromeda IDwarf SheroidaldE3 pecAndIIAndromeda00h 45m 39.8s+38° 02? 28?2?.5 × 2?.513.6satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy4
Andromeda IIIDwarf SheroidaldE2AndIIIAndromeda00h 35m 33.8s+36° 29? 52?4?.5 × 3?.015satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy4
Cetus DwarfDwarf SheroidaldSph/E4CetDwarfCetus00h 26m 11.0s?11° 02? 40?5?.0 × 4?.314.44
Willman 1dwarf Sphericaldwarf Spherical galaxyWillman1Ursa Major10h 49m 22.3s+51° 03? 03.6?4.615.2147,000 light-years away5
NGC 1560 (IC 2062)Non-MembersSd1560Camelopardalis04h 32.8'+71° 53'10.0'X1.8'11.35
NGC 1569Non-MembersIrp+ III-IV1569Camelopardalis04h 30.8'+64° 51'2.9'X1.5'11.35
IC 342Non-MembersIC342Camelopardalis03h 46.8'+68° 06'17.895
NGC 404Non-MembersE0 or SA(s)0?404Andromeda01h 09.4m+35° 43'3.5'X3.5'10.25
Andromeda IVID UnclearIrr?AndIVAndromeda00h 42m 32.3s+40° 34? 19?1?.3 × 1?.016.6probably not a galaxy5
Aquarius Dwarf (DDO 210)Non-MembersIm VDDO210Aquarius20h 46m 51.8s?12° 50? 53?2?.2 × 1?.1146
UGCA 92 (EGB0427+63)ID UnclearIrr or S0UGCA92Camelopardalis04 32 04.9+63° 36' 49"2.0x2.06
UGCA 86 (0355+66)ID UnclearIrr, dE or S0UGCA86Camelopardalis03h 59m 50.5s+67° 08? 37?5?.0 × 3?.013.56
SagDIG (Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy)Dwarf ellipticalIB(s)m VSagDIGSagittarius19h 29m 59.0s?17° 40? 41?2?.9 × 2?.115.5Most remote from barycenter member thought to be in the Local Group.[5]7
SagDEG (Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy)Dwarf SheroidaldSph/E7SAGDEGSagittarius18h 55m 19.5s?30° 32? 43?450?.0 × 216?.04.5satellite of Milky Way (M54 belongs to this Galaxy)7
Antlia DwarfDwarf SheroidaldE3/dSph/Irr?AntDAntlia10h 04m 03.9s?27° 19? 55?2?.0 × 1?.515.7associated with NGC 31097
Canis Major DwarfIrregularIrrCMaDCanis Major07h 12m 35.0s?27° 40? 00?12dx12dsatellite of Milky Way7
Sculptor Dwarf (E351-G30)Dwarf SheroidaldE3SclDSculptor01h 00m 09.3s?33° 42? 33?39?.8 × 30?.9satellite of Milky Way7
Fornax Dwarf (E356-G04)Dwarf SheroidaldSph/E2ForDFornax02h 39m 59.3s?34° 26? 57?17'x12.6'9.3satellite of Milky Way8
NGC 55Non-MembersSB(s)m55Sculptor00h 14.9'-39° 11'32.4'X5.6'8.38
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