Cantaloupe Moon

Finally had time and clear skies at the same time, so that I could test a recent purchase of Optical Equipment for my Telescope. I recently added a Televue Power-mate so that I can get a larger image on the sensor of my DSLR camera. And look at the results. ….. Someone remarked that it looked like a Cantaloupe!

Taken on April 26th 2 days before the full moon.

Building the GA Website

For the last 3 weeks I have been tasked with the responsibility for provisioning and building the website for the next 2018 RASC General Assembly Website. Well it’s ready, and it’s been fun. Check it out at www.


New Years Day – First full moon of 2018

New Years day arrived right at the same time as the temperature warmed, enough for me to take a scope out on the deck and take a picture of the First Full Moon of 2018. I was using the 90mm Celestron, that I purchased in 2006 in South Carolina while on a visit to my uncle Michel and Aunt Marion. I had not been actively observing for about 10 years, and was starting to miss it. I wandered into a Telescope store, and I was surprised by the price of a decent telescope. This one had an equatorial mount and manual controls. Just had to figure out how to get it home on the Airplane. I used it for 4 years until I purchased my 110mm Refractor that I use now. For the past 8 years it has been used by my son, but I asked for him to return it so I could observe the Moon.

December 2, 2017 Perigee Full Moon

December 2, 2017 Perigee Full Moon

Was successful in capturing the Perigee Full Moon this evening from a vantage point in Signal Hill in Calgary.  This was taken a few hours before the Moon is full just after sunset in Calgary.  I also figured out how to balance the light levels between the image of the moon and the darker background the Skyline. To get an image that more closely aligns with what one sees with their eyes.

Check out the Album on Flikr


Who Inspired me

People that were instrumental in getting me into Astronomy

I like to tell the story of my Uncle Evert, my dad’s oldest brother and the role he has played in inspiring me to get into Astronomy.  When I was young and lived with my family on a farm in rural Manitoba. I used to spend my time out in the yard looking at the stars.   My Uncle Evert who had a Grade 8 Education and was for the most part a worker, farmer and tinkerer, stands out as one of the first people that inspired me, in fact he is directly responsible for me getting my first telescope and now my most recent telescope (the one I use now all the time for taking astro-photos.)  As he had no children of his own, he always spent lavishly on presents for his nieces and nephews.

When I was 10, I received the most amazing gift of a small telescope. I remember vividly as it happened yesterday that Christmas Eve in Small town Rural Manitoba where I immediately took that small telescope outside to look through it for the Andromeda Galaxy in the driveway of my Grandparents home.

He was always keen to look through my scope.   Later when I had obtained use of a 8″ reflector, he was one of the first people to come out and take a look.   Any story, any picture, and any drawing or sketch, he was always keen to see what I had to show, even later when he was confined to a wheel chair in his nursing home.



Announcing the Launch of my Astronomy BLOG

Launch of my Astronomy BLOG

I (Roger) first started a Web Log in 2010 when I moved to using the TheBlueGrid web domain for my work it was created as a work experiment with WordPress.  Since that time I have always contemplated creating one for my Astronomy hobby that would be focused on that.   In this way, I would get a chance to practice and get better at using WordPress for providing web solutions.  With this relaunch in November this process has begun. I will post articles of astronomical interest as we go forward,   I will also use this to post anecdotal details of other astronomical adventures from the past, so look forward to the addition of historical posts, which will be back dated when they are added.   And I have brought the articles from my former BLOG and added them here for items of note that were added between 2010 and 2017 …. Roger

Comet PanSTARRS 2011

Search for Comet PanSTARRS in 2013

Grace and I are having a lot of fun with this comet.  It appeared in our sky’s over Calgary at the beginning of last week.  March 12th was the first evening when a significant number of people were said to have observed it.  We did from Nose Hill Park in Calgary.  Both with our 20×80 mm Binoculars and also with our Camera in a tripod and a wide angle lens.

We had a chance to repeat this on March 18th from a spot near downtown Calgary.  Should prove an interesting object to see for the next couple of weeks.

and later out by Cochran, Alberta

Cataloging my Digital Photos

Cataloging my Digital Photos

In 2008, I converted to taking digital photos as apposed to sketching and drawing for my Log Book.  From that point onward, my logbook is mainly a recording of digital Images, I have used a number of recording devices, starting with a CCD imager that I won as a prize at the SSSP in 2007.  In 2008 I purchased my Refractor, this allowed me to take longer exposures, but I fought with the technology for the first few years,   In 2013 I purchased my Cannon 60Da and have dedicated more time to imaging and recording events. Taking digital photos of the many things I explored with my eyes in the early years has become a constant source of enjoyment.

 This image of M42 is an early example of the work I did with the Meade CCD imager